Wool Comb

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Many cashmere sweaters burl at first. This is normal, when the wool is spun into yarn it has different lengths of the fibre. Shorter fibres tend to crawl out on the surface after use and burls result. Burls are most often seen in areas exposed to friction, such as forearms. You can easily remove them with this wool comb.
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Cashmere is a fragile material and therefore we recommend to wash your cashmere garments after approximately every fourth use. In between, it is enough to just vent the garment in fresh air.

It is ok to wash cashmere in a washing machine, use the wool programe with short wash, never more than 30 degrees. Do not centrifuge the garment. In order to protect the garment as much as possible it is best to use a special wool detergent without alkali and a laundry bag. Remember to never use fabric softener.